Used 2004 Gil Carnal


Used 2004 Gil Carnal Cedar/east indian rosewood
Command and move any audience with this stunningly powerful guitar. A colossal dynamic range that can be heard from the softest piano to the loudest and most dramatic forte with amazing depth and clarity. Exceptional power, sustain and projection that can be heard in any concert hall from anywhere in the audience with crystalline balance and distinct inner voices. This unique guitar utilizes a revolutionary new hybrid design on the underside of the soundboard based on a lattice support system used by renowned luthier Greg Smallman. Mr. Carnal combines a lattice bracing made of lightweight wood reinforced with graphite fiber incorporating elements from traditional fan-braced guitars that creates a lighter and larger resonating area allowing this guitar to sing with power and clarity at extreme volumes.

Materials: Beautiful cedar top and east indian rosewood back and sides. Features French Polish of Shellac Finish, and 650mm scale length.

Gil Carnal: Western Red Cedar Top, east Indian Rosewood back and sides, No. 66 2004

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